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The Leicester City Council Local Plan Consultation is now open.
Visit: to make your representations.

  • Strategic Policy No: SL02
    Site No: 702
    Address: Former Western Golf Course
    Ward/Area: Western (West)
    Site Area (ha): 52.1

    Category: Greenfield
    Proposed Uses: Residential, Employment (E(g), B2 & B8 Uses), Gypsy & Traveller Permanent Pitches and Public Open Space, Household Waste and Recycling Centre

    Site Capacity-
    Residential: 412 (including some provision for custom & self-build plots)
    Employment: 9.74 hectares for class E(g), B2 & B8 uses)
    Other: Gypsy and Traveller Pitches (7 Permanent Pitches)

    Ownership: Leicester City Council
    Delivery: 10 yrs and above
    Sustainability: RED - Mitigations as suggested above
    RAG Score: 7 Red; 6 Amber; 11 Green

    Suitability: Greenfield site within Green Wedge (GW score 4). Subject to protection of Local Wildlife Site (LWS) and comprehensive highways access for this and adjoining land in Blaby, site is suitable for mixed use development including Gypsy & Traveller pitches. In addition to usual planning requirements development will need to address: flooding; ecology; trees and hedgerows; archaeology; heritage; air quality; traffic noise; highways access; and sport provision.

    Mitigations: Drainage Strategy; Flood Risk Assessment; BNG required; Ecological Assessment; Archaeological Assessment required; Air Quality Management Assessment; Transport Assessment

    Notes: Whole site suitable for development (but land to be made available within the site for 7 Gypsy & Traveller permanent pitches). Scope for comprehensive release with adjoining land in Blaby to form westward extension of the urban extent up to Ratby Lane/Optimus Point.

Save the former Western Golf Course
Public consultation on the former Golf Course starts in November 2022
Leicester City Council have given notice that the final public consultation concerning the future of the former Western Golf Course will commence mid November 2022. It will be open for 6 weeks.
As a reminder, the City's plans are for 50 acres of employment buildings, 466 homes and seven permanent Gypsy Traveller pitches. Further development of the Blaby section of the course is also a possibility.
Could all of you that are interested in objecting to yet another huge development on Glenfield's doorstep, please join Western Golf Course Area - Action Group on Facebook. The consultation will be on the City's planning website and will allow for online or posted objections. More details to follow when available.
Steve Walters

Editor‘s Note: If you live locally, but have not yet visited the Former Western Golf Course, I urge you to do so, to see for yourself what we risk losing.
You can access the area at various points in Glenfield, including Blackthorn Road, Slate Walk Way, Somerset Drive or via Optimus Point (alongside Gearys Bakery).
If you are unable to visit in person, you can take a virtual walk around the Golf Course online. Visit: to experience a superb low-level drone video created by Alan Rampton Photography.


Click on Steve Walters' photo below to enjoy the drone footage
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